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At All Ant Control we offer the following residential and commercial services: ant extermination, ant control, ant inspections, ant treatments and ant pest control in the Maricopa, AZ 85138, 85139 areas. Call us for ant control in Maricopa, AZ if you notice any signs of ants.

We know how annoying it is to discover ants in your home. First, there’s a single ant, then another, and eventually, you have dozens of ants making their way through your home! Ants don’t belong inside, especially in your residence. Here at All Ant Control, we provide the best ant control services in the Maricopa area that will eliminate your existing ant infestation and prohibit future ones from occurring!

Professional Ant Control in Maricopa, AZ

Ant pest control near MaricopaHere at All Ant Control, we pride ourselves in utilizing eco-friendly and less invasive treatments to eradicate pests such as ants in your house. We enlist certified experts who have great knowledge on various pests so that we can provide you the service you expect and deserve from an ant control company. With our help, you can get rid of ants once and for all. We can assist in controlling a variety of ant species, including carpenter ants, ghost ants, crazy ants, sugar ants, pharaoh ants, black ants and more.

Ants are so great at foraging food and seeking shelter, so it is not surprising that they’re a major problem in homes and other properties in Maricopa, Arizona. Ants are more than usual pests, some are very damaging to our homes and our well-being. Pharaoh ants and Fire ants are known to bite. Carpenter ants can destroy houses by chewing through wood.

Need Ant Control Services in Maricopa?

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What Attracts Ants?

Sadly, an ant infestation is something homeowners can’t avoid. While it can be difficult to seal off your home entirely from these small insects, understanding why they are coming in your home can be a great starting point to prevent ant invasions. Here are some reasons why you may be having ant issues:

  • Unattended or unstored food left on tables.
  • Left-over grease or crumbs on floors and counter tops.
  • Irregular garbage disposal.
  • Moisture from leaky pipes and faucets.

Disadvantage of DIY Ant Control

Ants are one of the most usual pests in the Maricopa area and unfortunately, they are a year-round issue for most homeowners. If you’re tired of coping with an ant infestation, let the professionals at All Ant Control. Do-it-yourself methods are more likely to mask the problem rather than get to the bottom of it. Ant control products sold in local stores most of the time fail because the product is a eliminating the insect on contact and not completely destroying the colony. You might see a lot of dead ants lying around, but that does not really affect the colony.

Ant repellents carry out a disfavor because ants will somehow detect it and try not to cross over it, as they dodge the repellents they will eventually march off with a new queen. This results to more new colonies giving birth to more ants. You would end up having more ants than usual which could add more stress.

Maricopa Ant Control Services

All Ant Control is the one to contact for all ant control and removal needs. With an extensive knowledge and over a decade of successful service in ant control, we have skilled and certified technicians that always provide great results. After examining your situation, we will go over with you the steps we will carry out to eliminate ants on your property.

We perform detailed inspections to determine the ant species and the possible areas of colonies, so we can address the problem effectively. A thorough inspection of the exterior and interior of your property is crucial in order to gather the relevant details we need to come up with a customized ant control plan.

Best Ant Control Company

At All Ant Control, we have the years of experience to be efficient in ant control! We have served local businesses and residents all over Maricopa for years. We can ensure that our ant removal services will clear away your ant issues in your property at an affordable rate.

Need Ant Control Services in Maricopa?

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