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Arizona has such an interesting history, with the Arizona State Capitol Museum being a great place to learn more. The state-building was once home to our government until 1974 when we moved into new facilities of which this museum is now open for tours and displays about how things used to be done here back in 1900.

Arizona’s State Capitol Museum offers a fascinating look at the history of our fabulous state. The tour starts with an introduction to how it was built and what life back then might have been like for those who worked there, as well as a residence around town! You’ll explore many rooms filled not only with memorabilia but also interactive exhibits that help bring these old buildings alive again through photographs & more.

The Arizona State Capitol Museum houses an intriguing and unique collection of exhibits. One must-see display is the state flag, made out of 113,998 Lego bricks which represent each mile that makes up this beautiful destination. The unique exhibits are spread over four floors, and one must-see exhibit regards its very own flags made entirely out of Legos – each piece representing ten miles within our boundaries.

The Arizona State Capitol Museum is a great place to visit if you’re interested in state history. There are many different exhibits, including the one that showcases how we got from being just territory of America all the way until today with our modern-day development. You can as well take part in some fun activities like learning more about what it was like during times such as Reconstruction or World War II while visiting this museum.

¬†When you visit Arizona’s Capitol Museum, it takes you back in time to experience the old west at its finest. The oldest wings of this museum tell stories about our state, presenting artifacts from collections that were once owned by private individuals. Now they’re all part of one big institution – come see what we have going on here with these incredible buildings.

Situated at 1700 West Washington Street, Phoenix, Arizona, the Arizona State Capitol Museum is an excellent place to learn about the sinking of the USS “Arizona” at Pearl Harbor in 1941, as well as view some silver service from this historic ship. There’s also a detailed timeline that explains how Arizona became our newest state, with fascinating facts on every page.

The Merci Train is a fascinating exhibit at the Arizona State Capitol Museum. The trove of objects gifted by France in return for fuel and food during reconstruction following World War II has captivated visitors since it arrived on our shores.

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