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Anyone who has studied the environment can tell you that bats are crucial to the ecosystem. While they work to regulate insect populations during the evening hours, you still may want to look for a bat removal company in Houston, TX, should you start to have infestation issues. Even though bats are welcome outside of your home or outbuildings, they can do immense damage if they get inside. Rather than trying to remove them on your own, it is safer and more efficient to contact trained professionals to assist with bat control in Houston.

Why Hire the Best Houston Bat Control?

What you may not realize is that bats are considered a protected species in Texas. This means that you cannot harm them, and it is illegal to kill them, so seeking a good animal control company in Houston is best. The experts will come out to your property, assess the situation, and then safely and humanely remove the bats. If necessary, they can also put a plan in place to help you with bat-proofing so that you can eliminate the problem from arising again in the future.

Here at The Critter Team, we are happy to come out to your home or business so that we can determine the best way to approach your pest control issue. We are well-versed in bat control in Houston so that you will get the safe, effective results you are looking for.

Some of the most commonly asked questions that we get about our bat and pest control in Houston include:

How long will it take for bat exclusion?

After we treat the structure and put out devices into place, we will usually see results in as little as two to four days. During colder months of the year, it may take a bit longer for the bats to leave.

Is bat removal safe for my family?

We pride ourselves on safe bat exclusion services. We never use any harmful chemicals, and there is usually no need for family members or pets to be concerned while our team is working.

Are there health risks of bats living in a portion of my home or outbuilding?

It is important for all of our clients seeking bat control in Houston to know that bat infestations come with a broad range of potential health risks, some being severe. Just a sampling of the health concerns that a bat infestation brings include rabies, health issues from bat droppings, and more.

Do you suspect that you have bats that are taking over your shed, garage, or another area of your property? If so, we would like to talk with you about what makes us the best pest control company in Houston, TX. We are a fully-trained and licensed team ready to tackle all of your bat or pest control needs. Would you like to learn more about our veteran-owned and operated business? Contact the Critter Team for the best animal removal services in the greater Houston area by calling (281) 667-0171, and we can go over your bat control concerns.

bat control Houston