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If you are decommissioning your data center there are many considerations for your company. You may want to consider professional data center decommissioning from a company that offers this type of service on a regular basis. It’s essential that the company you hire is reputable so that the consolidation of your data center will go as planned.

Excess Logic provides comprehensive data center decommissioning services across the Fremont,Ca area- and beyond. They provide a wide range of recycling services for data centers, co-location and hosting companies across California.

The data center decommissioning services from Excess Logic allow your facility to undergo a major transformation. Their experts will come in to your location and dismantle, remove, de-install, recover, and recycle your data center materials, such as old servers, terminals, networking gear and other equipment. You won’t have to worry about hiring Excess Logic because they will provide your company with all paperwork and a guarantee that all of your data will be 100% wiped out.

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Regardless of where you are located in California, Excess Logic is centrally located and able to serve your area and meet your needs. They’ll come to you to make sure that your data center decommissioning gets done properly and efficiently, so you’ll enjoy peace of mind in knowing it’s been taken care of professionally and appropriately. Excess Logic knows the concerns that companies have in this regard, and works tirelessly to alleviate these fears.

Professionals from Excess Logic will make the process of decommissioning your data center painless and easy. No one knows better that recycling your material can be a lot of work! Huge, old, bulky computer servers, rack mount cabinets, cables, framing and many other items as well can all be easily removed by CleanBayArea experts without you having to lift a finger. You’ll be free to focus on your core business while they work to properly dismantle, remove, de-install, recover and recycle.

Best of all, Excess Logic charges no recovery fees, removal fees or disposal fees, making them your first choice for an economic data center decommissioning company. Their services are the most cost-efficient solution available, and you may even get some money back in the process, because Excess Logic purchases old data center materials.

Before hiring a company to provide for your data center decommissioning, consider the following:

– It takes a lot of time and expertise to pull off a professional decommissioning project. Consider your costs before hiring.

– The elements involved require close attention. The company you call must have exceptional experience and knowledge in their field.

– Ask the company you hire about their process of tracking and auditing equipment through serial numbers.

– Inquire about how your equipment will be disposed of.

Excess Logic will be pleased to answer all of your questions and provide you with the most cost-effective and comprehensive solution to your data center decommissioning. To learn more, visit cleanbayarea.com to read about their full line of services.

Feel free to contact an expert from Excess Logic by calling 650-307-7553. You’ll enjoy peace of mind from hiring the best in the industry!

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