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Phoenix’s Musical Instrument Museum is home to more than 6,500 instruments collected from around the world. These historic musical treasures date back centuries and have been played by some of history’s most famous figures. The only international music museum in North America, this place will make you feel like a rock star while playing your favorite song on one-of-a-kind guitars or sitars that are outfitted with rare Jewels, including emeralds as well as diamonds.

The Phoenix Musical Instrument Museum is a must-see for any music lover. You will be amazed when you see all of these amazing instruments, many with audio and video technologies that allow guests to hear the sound as well as watch where they would have originally been played.

This musical instrument museum is the ultimate destination for anyone who loves music. In their Experience Gallery, you can play international instruments that are well-known around the world, like John Lennon’s guitar from “Imagine.” The Artist Gallery features more rare and exotic instruments used by popular artists alike, such as Taylor Swift’s sitar.

This is a grand and impressive building that houses thousands of instruments from around the world. Hear them play live, see their history on display, as well as explore different cultures thanks to multimedia presentations throughout.

Visit the Phoenix’s Musical Instrument Museum for an engaging and interactive experience where guests can see instruments up-close, learn about famous musicians through treasures like their clothing collection or watch restored concert footage. With over 100 years worth of collectibles on display, there is sure to be something that interests you.

Also, Phoenix’s Musical Instrument Museum is a place where you can spend hours playing musical instruments with your child, learning about the history and science behind them. Many parents said their kids especially enjoyed experimenting in Experience galleries, advising future visitors to make it one last stop at the museum because they’ll never want to leave.

The Phoenix’s MIM is also dedicated to the preservation and display of musical instruments. On its upper floor, you will find rooms divided by geographic region with audio-streaming clips that help put these ancient pieces in historical context as well.

Situated at 4725 E. Mayo Boulevard, Phoenix, Arizona 85050, Phoenix’s Musical Instrument Museum not only showcases live music but also has a theater where you can watch 200+ concerts each year. The artists featured represent an eclectic variety of genres; there’s something for everyone.

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