We offer Ant Control services to the greater Phoenix area

At first, you might see just a single ant moving across a kitchen counter top. Then there’s a few of them. A few moments later, you’ll be seeing countless tiny insects marching along treating your home as venue for a tasty buffet.

When this occurs, you’ll need to search for a licensed ant control company. Why hire an expert? Because ant pest control doesn’t just need specialized tools for managing ants at their source, it also requires a comprehensive understanding of their habits and nesting patterns.

If you find yourself in the untoward situation of having an int infestation, we offer an ant control service you can depend on. We’re licensed and insured, and we have decades of experience in not only solving your ant infestation, but preventing a future invasion for a long time to come.

Professional Ant Control

Let’s begin with the good news: you’re not alone with this dilemma! Ant infestations are quite common. We’re home to more than ten species of ants, each with their specific behavior, biology and unique ant control treatments.

If you call All Ant Control for help with ant control, our initial step will be a full investigation, not just of your home and its entry ways, but also of area around your property. Ant colonies aren’t just massive, they’re often hidden quite well. Outdoor ant control is an essential factor in making sure that your home remains ant-free.

We also make sure we identify what specific species of ant you’re battling with! Different species need different methods. Carpenter ants, for instance, is going to need a more indoor-oriented treatment than pavement ants or field ants. On the other hand, fire ant control needs strategies to secure your family and pets outdoors.

Our next step is determining the perfect ant control strategy. The solution doesn’t just focus on ant hill removal alone. Ant control in homes need to concentrate on prevention, with an accurate removal of the chemical markers left by ants. This is a huge difference of what separates expert ant control from the DIY methods you can find at local stores. The ants you see are just a small part of the infestation. Our skilled ant control team can manage ant behavior, by clearing away any trace of markers which can tag your home as a promising food source for ants.